Friday update

The main roads are clear and in good driving condition. However, we are aware some areas have no turned to ice. If it is not safe to travel please contact the school office to let us know.

Swimming for Class 1 will be on as normal.

Bus Children – Latest update

The A9 has now re-opened and Liza has safely arrived with the school bus. We will get the children all ready to go home and they will be dismissed at 3pm as normal.

Thank you so much to all the parents for their updates and we look forward to seeing you all tomorrow. This afternoon’s weather was completely unexpected and we experienced a large amount of snowfall in a short period of time. Please keep an eye on the school blog tomorrow morning for our latest update.


Whilst we are planning to send ALL bus children home , we are also aware of a lorry blocking the A9 road. We will continue to be in touch with parents when we know more.

Parents from Inverness please be aware that the A9 is currently blocked at the Antique place so please leave early to collect your children.

Thank you so much for all the parental updates. We really appreciate it.

Weather Update

We are currently snowing very heavy here at Daviot (2 inches approx and coming down fast and heavy) at the moment. If you feel you wish to collect your child please let us know at the school office and we can have them ready for you.

At present we are not closing however, we are keeping an eye on the road situation.

Mrs Beattie

Eden Court Visit Tomorrow

Just a reminder that the whole school is out in the morning to watch Billionaire Boy at Eden Court. The buses will leave around 9.30 and return for around 12.45pm. The children will be accompanied by Miss Costa, Mrs Murchie and Mrs Paul.

Children will order lunches as normal as we will have lunch when we return. Children should bring a drink (not fizzy) and a snack to enjoy during the interval. The children will not have the option to buy from the shop therefore, please ensure your child has a snack with them in the morning.

During World Book Day (Thursday 5th March) we plan to use ‘ Billionaire Boy’ as a context for our learning.

Class 1 – Our Recent Learning

  • Letter formation and reading activities
  • Using arrays for multiplication and division
  • Skip counting in 2s
  • Celebrating Internet Safety Day and our Cyber Resilience Award
  • Creating murals inspired by the artist Keith Haring
  • Testing our lung capacity by blowing balloons
  • Meeting paramedics Dawn and Michelle
  • Learning about CPR and emergency procedures with Mrs Paul

This is just some of what we’ve been up to over the past couple of weeks!

Reminders for the week ahead are:

  • PE tomorrow morning
  • Whole school visit to Eden Court Wednesday morning
  • 4th swimming session on Friday
  • Any outstanding Key Assessment Tasks to be returned to school ASAP

Many thanks,

Miss Costa 🙂